NOT ALL CONTENT ARE CREATED EQUAL. A good content is optimized for human readers and robots which means that every article and landing page are search engine-friendly; a content written and published to show up on search results for targeted keywords.

Four years of content writing experience with on-page SEO techniques supplied and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts– that’s what I got!

Paulene for Social Media Marketing


Your brand page is verified? Great! Now how are your daily KPIs measuring and performing vis-a-vis your ROI?

Proficiency in social media is one thing, strategy is another. Your brand may not need to be on all social media platforms; choose to setup your communities wisely.  Allow me to help you reach your target audience and turn them to leads that convert.

Paulene for Community Management


Proficiency in Social Media is a good marketing skill, but to make your leads profitable, you need a good Community Manager that knows how to interact with your audience and keep them interested in your products and/or services.

Your brand reputation and the sentiment of your audience can affect your business. Make sure you are leveraging the trust and loyalty of your existing customers to make the

A good Community Manager can turn your online followers into loyal customers and brand ambassadors of your business. An Inbound Certification like the one I got from Hubspot Academy is also a plus to maximize the digital presence of your brand worldwide.

Time to say, "HEY, PAULENE"

Let’s talk business and other opportunities here. Alternatively, you can drop me a line on heypaulene@gmail.com or keep in touch with me on @heypaulene via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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