Cancer patient dances ‘Gangnam Style’ to the operating room

Many people are having tough battles against cancer. Doreta Norris is just one among many who have chosen to go to battle with background music. Her weapon of choice? Psy’s Gangnam Style.

Doreta Norris, 52, with her husband

Doreta was diagnosed with breast cancer not long after her visit to the doctor for a mammogram. Her breast cancer doctor recommended the removal of her right breast, but Norris opted for a double mastectomy in fear of finding another cancer on her left.

She decided to postpone the surgery until after her trip to see her mother-in-law in Texas. In the airport, on her way to Texas, she saw a video of a patient dancing with her operating team before the surgery. The video inspired her to ask her nurse about dancing before her surgery. When the doctor learned of her request, he asked what kind of music she wanted.

Her wish was granted. As the nurses lined up along the hallway to wait for her, Gangnam Style started playing and then she danced.

“I heard the music playing and began to dance. It was an emotional dance. Staff came up to hug me, dance with me and give me words of encouragement. I truly felt like I could conquer the world.”

While some of us face struggles a bit more difficult than the rest, there are still other ways to win the battle. Listening to music that we like, for example, somehow takes us on a high and we suddenly feel that nothing can keep us from getting what we want.

Her surgery was a success and Norris is now cancer-free.

Are you having a hard time right now? Watch Doreta Norris dance her way to the operating room from the video below:

Sources: News & Photo – Medical Daily; Piedmont Healthcare

This article was originally published on hellokpop on July 2014.

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