What Went Wrong: My First Blogapalooza Experience

Being a newbie in the independent blogging industry, I have always wanted to attend blogger conventions in Manila to learn more about blogging and how they manage their network. I always anticipate Blogapalooza conventions and this year, I made it a goal to attend one!

At present, I work as a volunteer PR Manager and writer for a news website catering to Korean Pop and Culture called hellokpop. At first, I hesitated to register under this site because KPOP may not be a target audience for blogapalooza.

For the latest in Korean Entertainment, visit us on hellokpop.com

After thinking hard about it, I found the courage to try and register anyway. I was so anxious that my application would be denied because of the above reason that I am coming from a KPOP market.

On the eve of November 5, plans have suddenly changed and I only got to drop by for two hours. Good thing, Blogapalooza recorded some of them via Facebook LIVE.

The sudden changes was family-related and to me (and maybe for most), it’s always a family first. As soon as I got time to spare last Saturday, I headed straight to the venue of Blogapalooza’s Horizons 2.0: Charting the Uncharted!

Blogafam, here I come! <3


I first heard of NOVOTEL Hotel and Resorts MANILA ARANETA CENTER as the venue for the cash sales of Jessica Jung’s First Solo Fan Meeting in Manila. (UPDATE: The fan meeting has been postponed.)

I did not have a hard time finding the hotel because of its viable location.

NOVOTEL Hotel and Resorts MANILA ARANETA CENTER is strategically located at the heart of Quezon City. Only a few steps away from major transits, the Big Dome – home of world-class entertainment, and malls and business centers.

Novotel MANILA standing tall at the heart of Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City.
Novotel MANILA standing tall at the heart of Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City.

After passing through their security procedures – metal detectors, bag and body search, and a friendly K9 unit, I was welcomed by the Blogapalooza registration at the lobby.

So happy that I was able to come just in time to avail a loot bag with the Blogapalooza logo on it. Claiming it makes me feel like a legit blogger!


As a first-timer in a blogger convention, and with only limited time, I have zero-idea on what to expect and what to do. So I toured the booths first before going inside the hall for the talks.

My friends from MIG.ME (Hi Lei and Geoff!), are also participating and I went to check their booth first.

MIG.ME is an entertainment-centric social media app which aims to connect artists with fans and provide entertainment content.

Sign up now on http://mig.me/
Sign up now on http://mig.me/

The MIG.ME Partners program allows influencers and celebrities to interact with their followers and at the same time, gain profit from their use of the service.

HELLOKPOP is also a verified content producer on MIG.ME. Click here to follow us! You can also sign up as a partner here or create your own public profile here.

My next stop was at the myCure app booth. Being a digital-savvy fangirl, I take interest in digital innovations and start-ups that may change the game in various industries.

Benefits of the myCure app for doctors: EMR App, Personalized Website and Scheduler.
Benefits of the myCure app for doctors: EMR App, Personalized Website and Scheduler.

What makes this app promising and interesting is the fact it gives the busy medical profession a friendly gateway to reach their patients. This app focuses on health and wellness, bringing your physicians closer to you in just a click.

For doctors and medical practitioners, you can download the app and create your accounts for FREE on the App Store and Google Play Store! Visit www.mycure.md for more details.

Beside the booth of myCure is one that really caught my attention, a 3D Printer from Shapecloud!

Gotta catch 'em all! Pokemon starters at the Shapecloud booth!
Gotta catch ’em all! Pokemon starters at the Shapecloud booth!

3D technology has proven to be an advancement that can do wonders, from as little as manufacturing goods to the challenging responsibility of lifesaving through its production of organs and body parts.

Merchandise designs are now limitless because 3D printing services are now available in the Philippines via Shapecloud!

Next booth I checked was Chemworld Factory.

Their banner said, “Your success story starts here.” I got curious what kind of service they offer that can give you your story of success.


Take home sample after a game!
Take home sample after a game!

For budding entrepreneurs or someone interested in finding an additional source of income on top of their day jobs, you can find all that you need to start your own perfumery business at Chemworld Factory. They also offer workshops to learn hands-on how to blend your own perfume!

They provide a complete perfumery business package for as low as Php 1,250 as a capital. I’m thinking of trying this out. If you’re interested too, visit their Facebook page for more details.

Across the venue, participants seem to enjoy a game on their mobile app. I found out that they were playing

TAG WILD game powered by TAG.

tag at blogapalooza
Browse the opportunities here: http://tagcash.org/

Their services would benefit big companies in their marketing and advertising strategies. They also have TAG CASH app that is useful even for small businesses or individuals.

TAG CASH is a simplified way to transfer and track money online mainly serving event ticketing, online business, and freelancers.

I took mostly the opportunity to find potential clients or business partners because of the limited time I have. I also made a quick visit at the seminar hall too where speakers and ATC Healthcare representatives await.

Blogapalooza is truly something! I am definitely going to sign up again in its future events. Hopefully this time I could register under my domain, and spend the full day at the event.

Finally, Blogapalooza happened to me!

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