Why You Should NOT Send These Items In A Balikbayan Box

Weeks away from Christmas and I’m sure our loved ones abroad have started filling up their balikbayan box to be sent to the Philippines.

These boxes are proofs of love of our fellows abroad who have already paid the price of missing their loved ones at home in the hope of a better future for their families.

Although sending these holiday boxes is common in the Filipino family setting, several reasons convince me why you should not send these items the next time you send parcels to your loved ones in the Philippines (besides unburdening them of having to deal with the Customs and paying taxes).


Why will you send them perfumes when you won’t be able to smell them from far away when they put it on?

Remember the last time you hugged each other? She smelled of sampaguita and holy water because you’ve just been to the church to pray for a safe flight and a good environment in your new workplace.


Why will you send them chocolates when you won’t be able to see the smudge of chocolate on your children’s lips?

When was the last time you saw them unwrap and munch on these imported chocolates that are rarely found on the shelves of local supermarkets?


When was the last time you bought your eldest child’s favorite Disney Princess dress?

Now that she has grown older, she learned to dress on her own and mix-match to her own style. The Disney pair of clothes may not be her favorite anymore.


Remember when you would stop in the middle of the hallway to tie your son’s shoelace?

The last time he was wearing a size 8 was a year ago. Now he is playing for the school varsity and you’ve been meaning to teach him a gameplay to improve his performance on the court.


Remember when you told her not to wear too much make-up because she’s already beautiful in your eyes?

Staying up at night to see you get home from work has contributed in her wrinkles and she does it without hesitation because she misses and worries about you a lot.


Ask yourself, when was the last time you held the shopping basket while your wife haggles for the lowest price to get one kilo of milkfish?

Why not save up for a bigger and long-term investment?


“Ang edukasyon ay isang pamanang hindi mananakaw ng iba.” (“Education is a heritage that can not be stolen by others.”) , is a popular line in any Filipino household. True to its morals, it will be a great investment for the family’s future by sending your children to a good school.


The “biggest” present a loved one could ever send back to the Philippines is one that contains his investment. Properties for the family’s permanent residence or an income-generating investment by putting the property for lease.

Imagine coming home to a new house and lot that is fruit of your hard work and sacrifice.


Imagine smelling their baby cologne and the shampoo they used for the day; opening the chocolate wrapper and feeding your kids the Pinoy favorite chocnnut; going to the mall during the weekend for discounted shopping; buying your children’s rubber shoes for PE class; unlimited laughter from watching your favorite noontime show with the family; and going to the wet market to smell the pungent and distinct fragrance of the local wet market.

All these would be more worthwhile coming home in your biggest present yet. A house you’re coming home to and the family that makes you miss every single thing about home.

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